A Comprehensive Guide Finding A House Or Apartment To Rent In Key West & The Florida Keys in 2024

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  • By Nathan Knight
  • Published on December 22, 2023

Embarking on a journey to the Florida Keys is an exciting adventure, but securing housing in this unique island paradise can be a challenge. With limited large apartment complexes, the process often involves renting homes or mother-in-law suites. In this guide, we'll explore current rental rates, highlight 10 trusted property management companies, and provide valuable tips for utilizing online resources to find your ideal long-term rental.

19 Resources To Help You Find A Home Or Apartment In Key West & The Florida Keys

Understanding Rental Rates in the Florida Keys

Finding affordable housing in the Florida Keys requires insight into current rental rates. As of 12/22/2023, 1-bedroom apartments typically range from $1,200 to $2,200, 2-bedroom options from $2,000 to $3,500, and 3-bedroom residences from $3,000 to $4,500. These rates can fluctuate based on the specific location within the Keys and the amenities offered. It's essential to consider your budget and priorities when exploring housing options in this tropical haven. The more cost effective Keys are Big Pine Key, Layton and Stock Island. Stock Island, although listed as one of the cheaper of The Florida Keys is a very small island just north of Key West and does not boast many options.

Source (https://www.strategistico.com/cheapest-places-to-live-in-florida-keys/)

Section 1: Top 10 Property Management Companies in the Florida Keys

Navigating the rental market is made easier with the help of reputable property management companies. Here are 10 trusted companies across Key Largo, Key West, Marathon, and Islamorada. These companies may have long term rental options. If they do not have long term rental options, consider a short term rental although it may be a little more expensive, it does get your foot in the door. A majority of the long term options require fast action and in-person applications.

1: Royal Palms Realty - Website

  • Description: Known for a diverse portfolio of rental properties in Key West and surrounding areas.

2: Preferred Properties Key West - Website

  • Description: Offers a range of long-term and vacation rentals, specializing in Key West real estate.

3: Keys Realty - Website

  • Description: A property management company with extensive experience in the Florida Keys, offering various housing options.

4: Vacasa - Website

  • Description: Manages vacation rentals in various locations, including the Florida Keys, providing both short-term and long-term options.

5: Last Key Realty - Website

  • Description: Specializes in luxury vacation and long-term rentals in Key West.

6: Property Management of Key West - Website

  • Description: Manages a range of properties for long-term rentals, catering to residents in Key West.

7: Freewheeler Realty Inc. - Website

  • Description: A full-service real estate and property management company in the Upper Keys, including Key Largo and Islamorada.

8: Keyswide Realty - Website

  • Description: Offers a variety of real estate services, including property management, in the Marathon area.

9: Island Equity Real Estate - Website

  • Description: A comprehensive real estate company with a focus on property management services in Key Largo and the Upper Keys.

10: Coastal Collection Real Estate - Website

  • Description: Specializes in luxury real estate and property management services in Key West and the surrounding Keys.

Section 2: Utilizing Facebook Resources for Housing

Unlike many areas, most of the Florida Keys rentals are listed by home owners through a vast network of Facebook groups. Many of these rentals require in-person applications and first month, last month and security deposit in order to move in. The reason this is listed as section 2 is that long term rentals typically go fast and are scooped up by residents local to the area. It may be difficult to secure one of these options if you are not local. A great option would be to monitor these groups and plan a visit to your desired location to physically meet the landlord and see the property. Tap into the power of online communities with these 8 Facebook groups:

  • Key West Cribs 2.0: Link
  • Key West Cribs 3.0: Link
  • Key West Cribs 2.5: Link
  • Rent Key West: Link
  • Florida Keys Home Rentals: Link
  • Florida Keys Housing Ads: Link
  • Rent It Marathon Country: Link
  • Key West and Lower Keys Affordable Housing: Link

Section 3: Additional Websites

Additionally, Craigslist for the Florida Keys can be a valuable resource. However, exercise caution due to potential scams. Be wary of deals that seem too good to be true, and always insist on in-person viewings. If online transactions are necessary, use fraud-protected methods, such as credit cards with built-in fraud protection.

Final Thoughts

Securing housing in the Florida Keys requires diligence, but armed with the right information and utilizing trusted resources, you can find the perfect island home. Whether through property management companies or online communities, take the first step toward your tropical paradise adventure with confidence. Remember, the journey may start with finding a home, but the destination is a life enriched by the beauty and warmth of the Florida Keys.

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